Kristaps Pujāts, from the city of Liepaja, recently had a successful debut with his song ‘’Vēl tevi mīlēt’’ (Love You Still) that is being performed by 4Vēji band. Now, Kristaps is revealing himself not only as a successful songwriter, but also as a potential solo artist.

The production of Kristaps new song “Neprāts’’ (Madness); he entrusted  into the hands of his good friend Pēteris Upelnieks, whom he calls by a nickname - Pechka. Song was mixed by Jānis Kalve at the Labo ierakstu studijā (The Good Records Studio).

The radio release of the song is going to be tonight at 5pm airing on Capital FM during his friends Mārtiņš Ruskis radio show time.

Video lyric version of the song: