Uldis Stabulnieks last album was released this fall under the name of ‘’Es mīlu dzīvi skaisto’’ (I love the beautiful life). Microphone records announce the album with the words, ‘’ Honestly we are not sure if Uldis Stabulnieks, in his Latvian big self , would allow this release as it is – he recorded the album on his own, alone, playing all the instruments and thinking about it all as a rough draft, which potentially someday could reach out to other musicians for completion.

However, finding out of this unique material and listening to it, we realized that these recordings are never going to be completed, so it was our job to show them to the people. It is the responsibility, friendship, respect and appreciation to Uldis Stabulnieks for love for life, which is heard in these songs. It is possible, that for a moment, first time listening is going to be emotional and honest and sound more alive and true than a perfectly produced album.”

Album was heard for the first time on Novemeber 25th at Riga Congress House before the Uldis Stabulnieks remembrance concert. His family members will receive all of the composer’s royalties and a part of the income received will be used for the memorialization of Uldis Stabulnieks memory.