Latvian heavy metal band Relicseed will open up for the American trash metal legends Testament on June 27th at the Forum Palace in Vilnius.

TESTAMENT is one of the most prestigious American trash metal bands that despite many band member changes and creative timeouts, this year Testament reached its 30th anniversary. In 2012, Testament released their 10th studio album ‘’Dark Roots Of Earth’’, which not only has gained an undivided positive recognition from the music critics, but also reached #12 spot on the Billboard 200 charts, which is the highest in the band’s career. During the Testament’s album presentation tour they will be performing in the capital city of Lithuania, and Testament has chosen only one opening act and it is our Latvian - Relicseed.

Our homegrown, heavy metal band Relicseed has released a debut album ‘’60 Minutes of a Dream’’ and performed throughout Europe and USA, where they also have recorded their second studio album. The audio engineer and co- producer of the record Bryan Carlstrom (The Offspring, Alice In Chains, Queen, Anthrax etc.) passed away this year. Relicseed was one of the last bands with whom the legendary engineer worked with. They did not finish the record and now the band members of Relicseed are finishing up the mixing process, but the last mastering will be entrusted to an American engineer Maor Applebaum (Sepultura, System of a Down, Rob Halford etc.).

Tickets to the Testament concert you can purchase at Bilesu Serviss here:

At the end of the year the new album will be brought out to the light by Reliceed’s concert tour in Russia, UK and Latvia. Before opening for Testament, which will be the band’s first visit to Lithuania, you can catch them in Riga on the 13th of June at the Black Friday club. Here is the ticket information:

To see any information about other shows, go to the band’s official webpage: