Songs, celebrities, and ice cream at the "Ričijs Rū rīko koncertu 2" Book launch party!

Last weekend, in the delightful taste and sensation oasis "Hercogs Garden" in Riga, the book launch party for Laura Reinika and her sister Rūta Renika-Preisa's new creation - the book "Ričijs Rū rīko koncertu 2" took place. The event was well attended, bringing together many socially recognized young parents with their children. Songs played, uplifting speeches were given, there was a shared photoshoot, ice cream-making workshops, and indulgence!

During the event, the attendees were introduced to the main character of the book, the spirited bear Ričijs Rū, and his new friends - the squirrel Kikī and the bear cub Rūbijs! Performances of songs from the attached 13-song album accompanied by the book were also featured. The composer of the new songs' music is once again Lauris Reiniks, but unlike the first book, where the verses were written by Reiniks' grandmother Veronika, this time they were composed by the project's idea originator Rūta Reinika-Preisa.

Ričijs Rū's journey to readers and listeners began two years ago, in August 2021, with the release of the first book "Ričijs Rū Throws a Concert." The creators of the album that accompanied the book received both the "Gold Disc" for more than 5000 copies sold and later the "Platinum Disc" for over 10,000 album copies sold.

Similar to the first edition, this one is a colorful and interactive poetry and coloring book, complemented by a new song and the instrumental accompaniment album for these songs.

The new book and music album are already available in the most famous bookstores in Latvia and can also be ordered on the MicRec website here:

The album launch event was enriched by the book's illustrator Guna Miķelsone, the entire Reiniks family, the charismatic event host Renārs Zeltiņš, influencer Simona Kubasova-Prakaša, the friendly Jānis Palkavnieks, TV show star Magone, TV presenter Elīna Fīrmane, rocker Edgars Rakovskis, "Latvijas Radio 2" chef Kaspars Mauriņš, singers Rūta Dūduma-Ķirse and Laura Raila, and journalist Eva Johansone. Also in attendance were the multimedia artist Kašers, "MicRec Publishing" director Guntars Račs, and many others!

Notable performances were not only delivered by the authors and characters of the book but also by "Hercogs Garden" head chef Andris Rūmītis, who specially prepared ice cream in front of the guests' eyes! It was captivating and drew a crowd of dessert enthusiasts around!