The band Līvi and Tomass Kleins, the guitarist and songwriter of the duet Fomins & Kleins, continue to write new material and create new musical projects. Not too long ago Tomass released his song ‘’Visi ceļi ved uz mājām’’ (All Roads Lead Home), which was recorded with the singing fire fighter Jānis Buķelis. And now, producing his latest record ‘’Trešā acs’’ (Third Eye), Tomass made the impossible collaboration happen. In the making of the record, members of the band Līvi were gathered, who recently were not getting along. However, the statement made by the longtime bassist of the band, Jānis Grodums, cleared things up: “The real Līvi are real, when in a fight’’. So, it seems all is in its proper place.  Band is in a fight and writes and records a song together.

Musicians that took part in the making of ‘’Trešā acs’’ (Third Eye): Tomass Kleins (guitar and voice), Ainars Virga (voice), Vilnis Krieviņš (drums), Guntars Mucenieks (keyboard, voice), Aivars Brīze (voice), produced by Mārtiņš Burkevics (bass) and a friend Juris Kristons (keyboard).

People of Liepāja city know that the house, where Tomass once lived was called ‘’Tom’s Old Shack’’. Unfortunately, in the beginning of the nineties this house was demolished and made into a small public garden, but the legend is not dead, because once upon a time this specific house was a stop for many well-known musicians of Liepaja.