RYGA - Bunny Munro Waltz (Official video)

Mārcis Judzis, the founder and songwriter of Ryga, has been nominated for his second prestigious Spēlmaņu nakts theatre award in the category Musical Score of the Year. In 2014, Mārcis won the prize for his music in Oskars Koršunovs’ staging of Banishment at the Daile Theatre, but this year he is nominated for his music in Dž.Dž. Džilindžers’ production of Nick Cave’s book The Death of Bunny Munro at the Daile Theatre. Ryga, which has recently released its debut album Catch Her Groove including songs from both plays, participated in both of them.

In light of these happy news, the band has released a new video for the song starring actors Artūrs Skrastiņš and Ieva Segliņa from The Death of Bunny Munro. The video has been filmed and edited by the director Artis Dzērve. Keep an ear out for “Bunny Munro Waltz” on the new album Catch Her Groove, as well as in the play. Mārcis says: “I would like to say a big thank you to the Daile Theatre, the actors and Džilindžers for the honour to work on this play. I really appreciate it. Without this play there would be no song, nor this terrific short film, a special thanks for which goes to the theatre, actors and Artis Dzērve.”

Mārcis sets the scene for the song: “This is my first waltz. When I wrote this song, I was thinking of two worlds: the first one has an overwhelming amount of sex, drugs and rock & roll. It’s clear that it will all come to an abrupt end, and one will be flying, hopefully, towards the sky, because this kind of lifestyle can only have one outcome. It’s the highest concentration of egoism when nothing is an obstacle, because there are pleasures one cannot miss out on. Meanwhile, the other side is hysterically screaming: “Hey! I'm right here. I love you! Everything will be alright! I miss you! Love you … You tricked me again, Bunny!” These are the two worlds that are not meant to align.”


The album Catch Her Groove will soon be released in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in cooperation with Gordeon Music and Rough Trade.


The album is available on:





RYGA, which has just released its first studio album Catch Her Groove and welcomed the multi-instrumentalist Kaspars Bindemanis in its ranks, has also just delivered its first performance abroad.

To participate in the festival organised within the Polish SeaZone Music Conference, the band along with the representatives of Music Export Latvia travelled to Sopot where they performed in front of a foreign audience for the first time. The concert programme included songs from their fresh new album. At the festival, Latvia was also represented by Triana Park and the singer Justs with his new collaboration with producer Makree.

Ritvars Bluka, author of many Latvian music videos, who accompanied the band on the trip, has made a short film about this adventure that you can watch right now. The film features the band’s music from the new album.


More music, more loudness, more people, more fun – this is exactly what is going to happen from July 25 till 27 at festival KLANG! 2014 which is going to take place in Klangu hill, Kekava parish, Latvia.

Comparing with 2013, this year there will be guests from Estonia, Poland and Russia along with Latvian doom metal experts Frailty (, heavy rock`n`roll veterans Rūsa ( and turbo rock pioneers Oranžās brīvdienas ( Organizers announce the first international act – the upcoming Russian experimental black-death metal band Arcanorum Astrum ( More band announcements coming soon!

Festival was founded in 2013 by two music fanatics – Edijs Rudzis (boss at Rock Distribution / and Edgars Rakovskis (musician, manager at Relicseed / “We were having a glass of whisky and discussing Latvian alternative music scene activities and one of us went like “where are you going to play this year?” When we discovered that none of us was able to answer this question it was agreed – we need to create the place, event to play at!” Edgars reveals the idea of creating the festival. “We hope this will grow as a tradition and become one of the central rock and metal activities of the year.”

KLANG! has its own self titled radio show provided by Latvian showman`s Ufo (Kaspars Upacieris) founded radio station BOOM FM. “We created not only a show (can be heard each Thursday via, but also a rock/metal playlist “Radio KLANG!” in order to keep Latvian rock and metal music alive at least on one Latvian radio station. You can also hear the coolest and our most beloved foreign bands there as well” explains Edijs. Hear the music here:

Tickets available online here: Presale price 12 EUR till March 31; later – more expensive. Do not hesitate and decide quickly – only 2000 tickets available!


Musician, Lauris Reiniks, who recently had an outstanding Christmas show at the Arena Riga, also received great news from our neighboring countries Lithuania and Estonia. His song, ‘’Sirds Sadeg Neparasti’’ (Heart Burns Unusually) Lithuanian and Estonian versions have reached the year’s most popular song top on the radio station charts.

The Lithuanian version of the song “Širdis Sudegus Tyliai”, reached 1 million views on YouTube, only in two months,  and placed in the number 5 spot on the popular Lithuanian radio ‘’Radiocentras’’ Top 100. Interestingly enough, that the Lithuania song chart Top 5 has only one Lithuanian song and it is performed by a Latvian musician. Among the Top 5 acts were Robbie Williams, Chris Brown and Rihanna; however, Lauris fans from Lithuania are happy, that the musician can compete with world famous musicians and the megahit of the world ‘’Gangham Style’’ that placed 32 on the Lithuanian charts.

Also, in Estonia ‘’Elmar” radio station yearly poll, where songs  are picked by the experts and listeners, the Estonian version  “Süda vaikselt närbub” placed at the number 5 spot in the charts.  Other top 5 artists, were Estonian artists including, Shanon, Pohja- Tallin, but musician Otts Leplands with his song ‘’Kuula’’ placed at the number 1 spot, his song ‘’Kuula’’ represented Estonia at the last year’s Eurovision song contest. At the end of the poll, hosts of the show revealed their excitement about the fact that a Latvian singer was be able to pleasantly surprise the Estonian listeners for the third time, and place highly on the charts. In the past, other songs that reached a big success level were, ‘’Es Skrienu’’ ( I Run), ‘’Pasakā’’ (In a Fairytale) versions – ‘’Ma  jooksen’’ and ‘’Linnamuinasjutt’’.

“I am extremely happy about this fact and I am very thankful to my listeners in Estonia and Lithuania. ‘’Sirds sadeg neparasti’’ ten years ago received all of the biggest music awards in Latvia, but now the song has proven that music does not have a language and if the song is good it will speak and touch listeners in any language. It is still surreal to me, when I have a show in Estonia and Lithuania the audience is singing along to my songs and perceives them as theirs. It is a fantastic feeling.’’
Right now, Lauris is taking a little break after a very busy year in music and is thiking about the option of being  a TV show host.


Širdis Sudegus Tyliai

Süda vaikselt närbub


At the end of the last year, the legendary Latvian rock musician and Līvi band leader, Ainars Virga,  published his new song ‘’Es nevaru bez tevis dzīvot” (I can’t live without you)  recorded featuring Marcis Jundzis the drummer of Dzelzs Vilks. Starting the year off right, Ainars gives a new song “Sāc visu no jauna” (Start Everything Anew). This is one of the few songs that Ainars has written both the music and lyrics, and the story behind the song is from a personal experience; a relationship that came to an end. However, the end is also a start for something new. You can follow the lyrics of the song on the special video version that is published on MicRec official Youtube channel: 

The song was recorded with the producer Artūrs Palkevičs at the Sound Devision studios. The drum parts were played by Virga Hard Orchestra drummer Edgars Šmiukis, guitar played by Andrejs Meļņikovs. Extra vocals were sung by an admirer of Ainars music and vocals Jānis Buķelis.

You can download the song at

Ainars Virga: „While writing this song, I listened to a lot of Dave Matthews Band and the way he writes his music and tells his story. Now, this is my story.”



Latvian heavy metal band Relicseed will open up for the American trash metal legends Testament on June 27th at the Forum Palace in Vilnius.

TESTAMENT is one of the most prestigious American trash metal bands that despite many band member changes and creative timeouts, this year Testament reached its 30th anniversary. In 2012, Testament released their 10th studio album ‘’Dark Roots Of Earth’’, which not only has gained an undivided positive recognition from the music critics, but also reached #12 spot on the Billboard 200 charts, which is the highest in the band’s career. During the Testament’s album presentation tour they will be performing in the capital city of Lithuania, and Testament has chosen only one opening act and it is our Latvian - Relicseed.

Our homegrown, heavy metal band Relicseed has released a debut album ‘’60 Minutes of a Dream’’ and performed throughout Europe and USA, where they also have recorded their second studio album. The audio engineer and co- producer of the record Bryan Carlstrom (The Offspring, Alice In Chains, Queen, Anthrax etc.) passed away this year. Relicseed was one of the last bands with whom the legendary engineer worked with. They did not finish the record and now the band members of Relicseed are finishing up the mixing process, but the last mastering will be entrusted to an American engineer Maor Applebaum (Sepultura, System of a Down, Rob Halford etc.).

Tickets to the Testament concert you can purchase at Bilesu Serviss here:

At the end of the year the new album will be brought out to the light by Reliceed’s concert tour in Russia, UK and Latvia. Before opening for Testament, which will be the band’s first visit to Lithuania, you can catch them in Riga on the 13th of June at the Black Friday club. Here is the ticket information:

To see any information about other shows, go to the band’s official webpage:


Kristaps Pujāts, from the city of Liepaja, recently had a successful debut with his song ‘’Vēl tevi mīlēt’’ (Love You Still) that is being performed by 4Vēji band. Now, Kristaps is revealing himself not only as a successful songwriter, but also as a potential solo artist.

The production of Kristaps new song “Neprāts’’ (Madness); he entrusted  into the hands of his good friend Pēteris Upelnieks, whom he calls by a nickname - Pechka. Song was mixed by Jānis Kalve at the Labo ierakstu studijā (The Good Records Studio).

The radio release of the song is going to be tonight at 5pm airing on Capital FM during his friends Mārtiņš Ruskis radio show time.

Video lyric version of the song:


Honoring Ojars Grinbergs on his 70th Birthday, Microphone records released the singers best album in the album series ‘’Legends”.

In the foreword of the album, musicologist Daiga Mazvērsīte wrote: ‘’ Immune to the stardom, Grinberg was good at keeping a humble outlook on life, humane understanding and a boyish smile on his face – his 50 years on stage is connected with the best musicians and composers in Latvia…

As a soloist Ojars has recorded more than 100 songs, and at least the same amount of songs in a duet with Margarita Vilcāne. Continuing singing during this century, he has noticed that with year’s songs come out better. His biggest hits, such as ‘’Tev mana labā’’ (You my dear) he could sing in the middle of the night. There have been instances, where Ojars has to go on stage with a raspy voice, but for the performance it comes back. It is Ojars Grinbergs mission to sing – he found the right place for himself; the artist, who will forever be a part of the Latvian music platform.

There are 26 popular songs on the album including not only the well-known songs, but also unreleased songs by Ivars Vīgners un Jānis Peters from the play ‘’Šveiks’’, and also duets with Margarita Vilcāne and Nora Bumbiere. Songs are composed by Raimonds Pauls, Gunārs Freidenfelds, Ivars Vīgners un Uldis Stabulnieks, whose songs like “Zvaigžņu laiks’’ (Time for Stars) and ‘’Sāpju dziesma’’ (Song about Pain) are included because of a special request of Ojars Grinbergs.

List of songs included on the album: Sens ir tas stāsts, Tev, mana labā, Mežrozīte, Nepārmet man, Kam ziedi, mežābele, Tik dzintars vien, Gaujai, Zilie lini, Mirdzošais gliemežvāks, Somu pirts, Dziesma nenosalst, Cik klusa nakts, Saulrieteņa dzīvībiņa, Atmiņu lietus, Zvaigžņu laiks, Sāpju dziesma, dziesmas no izrādes Šveiks -Piparkūku sirsniņa, Šveika songs, Šveiks cietumā, Šveiks dodas karā, Mazliet mīlas un mazliet šūpuļdziesma, Karalauka pasts, Fināla dziesma and 2007 newly recorded song - Tik dzintars vien,Nepārmet man and Zvejnieku sievas (Zaļumballe Zvejniekciemā) versions. 

In the CD series „Ļeģendas” (Legends) also albums of the incredible Latvian singer Nora Bumbiere is out and a Christmas Legends album with songs written in the sixties and seventies.

Mp3 version of the album can be found at 


Madara Grēgere also known as Madry got inspired by her previous single success ‘’Miljons domu nakts’’ (Million thought night) and now she is presenting her new song ‘’Portrets’’ (Portrait). Lyric author is Gatis Zotovs.

Madry is a junior at Rigas Jazepa Medina music school, where she is studying jazz vocals. The new artist dreams to make an album entirely of her songs. She is actively working on her studio album. After graduating, Madara, plans to create a musical. Recently, Madara has joined a dance studio ‘’Pro-X’’; she met, Ieva, the director of the studio at the rehearsals for the musical ‘’Dzimuši mūzikai’’ (Born for music)!

Madara says, ‘’“Portrets’’ (Portrait) is the first song that I wrote the melody for. I vividly remember all of the emotions while this song was being created into something real.  I was very scared to show it to anyone because I thought that no one would like it; however, I showed it to my band ‘’4Vēji’’ and they thought that the song is great, which inspired me.’’

To the question what is this song about, Madara answers, ‘’… the song talks about feelings between two people, who are insanely in love and have lost their minds because of love. I hope that, when people are listening to this song remember the feeling, when they were insanely in love. Without love the world could not exist’’.

Lyricist Gatis Zotovs talks about the song, ‘’… I assume that everyone has had a moment, anticipated or not, to find oneself infatuated, when everything else seems insignificant. It is a moment, where common sense is lost and all that’s left is to feel.  Regardless if a one wants it or not, one can get lost and not see the reality. Maybe a brave person can call it love - I call it Portrait.

Produced by Arturs Palkevics. Saxaphone played by Zintis Zvarts.


Dziesmas teksts:

Official audio: 



Watch the video:

The 17 year old, Katrine Lukins is a Latvian girl, who was born in Sweden. Her father, Andris Lukins, was the bass player for the legendary band ODIS. He introduced Katrine to his friend’s, Valdis Indrišonoks, son Kārlis and as a result of this friendship a new song came about ''Live Tonight'' that they both wrote.

Right now the young singer permamnently lives in Sweden, not far from Upsala; however,once a month she visits Latvia. She is fluent in Latvian, English and of course Swedish languages.

Katrine has been singing since she was a little girl, however; this year was the one for her to record her first song, produced by Kārlis Indrišonoks and mixed at the ‘’Labo ierakstu studijā’’ (The Good Record Studio) together with producers, Lotaru Lodziņu and Jāni Kalvi.

About the new song Katrine says, ‘’ Sometimes it seems that life passes by because we are afraid to jump into it. You have to live out every day and every night, and it is nice to sometimes forget and ‘’lose your mind’’.’’

Thinking about her future plans she says, ‘’I want to create music that other people like and I will try to make an album this summer. I hope to be a part of some concerts and festivals. I want to grow and improve as a performer.’’

The video for „Live Tonight” was filmed at the Kurzeme beach in collaboration with producers Arti Dzērvi and Mārtiņu Viļumu.

You can download the song at

Photo: Karlīna Vītoliņa

Stylist: Iveta Vecmane