Guntara saruna ar zviedru mūzikas producentu un žurnālistu Viljamu Batu par mūzikas tirgus tendencēm Latvijā, Eirovīziju un citām, ar mūziku saistītām lietām.

"....While preparations for the 61st Eurovision Song Contest are taking place in Stockholm, music entrepreneurs  all over Europe are getting ready to invade the Swedish capital for the world’s biggest yearly television show. 

They all have the same agenda: To take home the trophy and win the Eurovision Song Contest. The three Baltic States, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are no exception to this, and Music Producers, Publishers and Artist Managers in Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius are getting ready to not only compete with the rest of Europe, but with each other.

One of these, Latvia’s most experienced Music Publisher, 51-year-old Guntars Racs of Microphone Records - a leading Riga Music Company - took time off from his busy schedule to give me some insight into the competition from a Latvian perspective. The Baltic Times asked him a number of questions:

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